Hello everyone. I am a recent university graduate with a Masters degree in Journalism. I've been researching teaching English as a career opportunity in these tough economic times. I've stumbled upon so many websites advertising jobs, certificates, and whatever else. I'm not sure which organisations are credible and which are simply there to take my money.
Firstly, is a certificate a requirement, if so what's the best way to obtain one? I would like to teach in Europe – which certificate, if any, is preferable?
Secondly, where can I look for job opportunities? Specific websites, contacting embassies?

Some info about me – I'm currently living in Chicago, USA. I'm from Poland and am not a US citizen, but I finished high school here, as well as undergraduate and graduate schools.
I don't know anyone who's taught English abroad before, which is why I've registered on this forum, hoping to get some insight and help.