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    crew-neck vs round-neck

    What is the difference between "crew-neck" and "round-neck"? We koreans use "round neck", and I checked the difference by pictures on the Internet, but there seems to be little difference. I have never heard of "crew-neck".

    l2-1)Oh, red! That is my favorite color, but still, I don't like the design. I prefer V-neck sweaters to crew-neck ones...

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    Re: crew-neck vs round-neck

    A crew-neck, also written as "crew neck" or "crewneck", is a type of collarless shirt or sweater with a round neckline that fits around the base of the wearer’s neck. The fabric that makes the neckline on a crewneck is typically ribbed and sewn onto the shirt or sweater as a separate piece. The name comes from the types of shirts traditionally worn by oarsmen. The word “crewneck” can be used as a noun to describe a garment with this type of neck.

    Not all round-necked shirts, sweaters, and blouses are crewnecks. Generally, a crewneck fits snugly around the neck. Other types of round necklines include scoop necks, ballet necks, and roll necks. Scoop necks are generally found on women’s tops, where the front of the neckline plunges lower down the chest. Ballet necks are also a more feminine cut, in which the neckline is wider and exposes part of the shoulders, back, and collarbone. Roll neck sweaters can be worn by men and women, with a neckline similar to a crewneck but with a little extra fabric rolled over the outside.

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