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    Smile No + a Noun. It's no problem.

    Hello everyone,

    In my grammar book, it's written that No is used before a noun, not Not.

    For instance,

    It's no problem.
    It's not a problem.

    Which is more natural and why if it's possible?
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    I wish I had better English, but I work hard to improve it. I'm studying for IGCSE, so I'm only interested in BrE.

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    Re: No + a Noun. It's no problem.

    It's no problem.
    It's not a problem.
    They are both natural.

    'Not' is followed by an article – not a noun.

    Does your grammar book not state that 'not' can be used before plural nouns or nouns used attributively?

    'Boys are welcome here, but not girls.'

    'We sell most vehicle accessories, but not windscreen wipers.'

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