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    Question Correct word usage

    Hi my name is Susie. I am currently having a debate with someone regarding the usage of the word "either" can you settle this for me.

    I feel this is correct:
    Is either of you going to the dance?
    The other party feels "Are" should be used.

    My argument is - when either is used as a subject it always takes a singular verb.
    Thank You!

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    Re: Correct word usage

    This is an area where there are different opinions. Purists tend to go for the singular, but many speakers would use the plural. This depends very much on whether you take a prescriptive view (what you think people should say) or a descriptive (what they say) view.

    Here are the Google results:
    Is either- 27,600,000
    Are either- 31,200,000

    With figures like this, I feel it is impossible to say that one form is wrong, because it is hard to argue that such a number of speakers can be wrong, so I'd say both forms can be used, though I clearly tend towards a descriptive view of these issues.

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