[IMG]E:\! !Scan These\UsingEnglish Doesn't Work.jpg[/IMG]
GRRR the INSERT IMAGE doesnt work from my pc... only from a site????
i just want to analyse text! that's all.
i joined the site to analyze text.
i suffered the onerous registration.
i entered a heading and entered the text.
microsoft learned YEARS ago that their BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH
(that blamed the USER for doing something to cause the system to crash)
was RUDE! because it should have an apology for its own fault in crashing.
ditto here - the flaming page comes back and blames ME for not entering a title or text

You did not enter a title.
Please enter a descriptive name for this text.
You did not enter a text to analyse. Please write or paste the text you would like to analyse in the box below. You can analyse any text up to 100,000 characters long.
(at Log In - UsingEnglish.com)

why would i waste time entering this diatribe? because i care that stuff works.
i cant even add a picture of it despite the icon above... grrr.
i deserve an apology.
would you please check your software
xavier z