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    pushing himself to his feet

    Hello all teachers!
    In an W. Trevor story - A Child's Play, two kids are acting a scene where the wife caught her husband and his lover on his office floor

    'Gerard lay down on the parquet and Rebecca went out of the room. Gerard worked his lips in an imaginary embrace. His tongue lolled out.
    ‘This is disgusting!’ Rebecca cried, bursting into the room again.
    Gerard sat up. He asked her what she was doing here.
    ‘A cleaner let me in. She said I’d find you on the office floor.’
    ‘You’d better go,’ Gerard muttered quietly to his pretend companion, pushing himself to his feet.'

    Please someone tell me meaning of pushing himself to his feet? Does it mean Gerard is acting like pushing something (his imaginary lover) off his feet or means he using hands to stand up? thanks
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    Re: pushing himself to his feet

    As an NES but not a teacher, I would read it as saying that he was simply pushing with his hands against the floor to help him stand up.


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