I'm having an argument with a friend of mine. She claims that this t-shirt: http://image12.spreadshirt.com/image...c-T-Shirts.png
is indeed ironic because upon viewing the t-shirt, you realize that it isn't ironic and therefore it totally is ironic, because it was the opposite of what you initially thought.

My counter argument is that the t-shirt is not ironic seeing as:

1. I, for one, didn't think the t-shirt would be ironic to start with. I assumed it was some sort of lame joke (which it turned out to be).

2. It feels as the term 'ironic' is being used very loosely here. I read somewhere (and strongly feel) that the word should be used finely and not thrown around for every little thing that contrasts thoughts. If I say: ''I'm ironic'' that doesn't mean that I am ironic. It just means that I am either a liar or a bad jester.