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    Alice of Wonderland


    I know that "Alice in Wonderland" is the shorted title of "Alice's adventures in Wonderland" and 'in' indicates that Alice wanders in the land of Wonderland.

    I'd like to ask, "If it were "Alice of Wonderland", does this make sense?"

    I think "Alice of Wonderland" makes sense and is at least grammatically correct, but it could mean that Alice is someone like a witch who is believed to live in the Wonderland. What do you say to this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Alice of Wonderland

    Yes! Alice in Wonderland means Alice is visiting Wonderland.

    Alice of Wonderland means Alice lives, or comes from, Wonderland. She does not have to be a witch.

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    Re: Alice of Wonderland

    "Alice of Wonderland" would completely change the meaning. It would mean that she is a native of Wonderland, she was born there, lives there etc. That is not the case at all. She simply visits Wonderland. I don't know where you got the idea about a witch from.

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