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    I kind of laughed...

    Joyce was rushed to hospital and after a series of tests he was diagnosed. "Its [sic] weird, the doc was asking me all these questions like had I lost someone or been through a traumatic or emotionally stressful experience recently," he says. "I was like 'yeah, my girlfriend left me' and he tells me I have stress cardiomyopathy or broken heart syndrome. I kind of laughed... I actually did feel like my heart was busted, my chest would hurt so badly, sometimes my heart would just start beating really fast and felt like it would explode!

    Does kind of laughed mean that he didnít believe that or a nervous laugh?

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    Re: I kind of laughed...

    not a teacher

    He seems to be saying that he had a little laugh or chuckle, probably to himself, when he realized how unexpectedly appropriate the syndrome's name was. Not so much "nervous" as "wry".

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