1.Also is used at the beginning of a sentence to indicate that the sentence continues a thought begun with the previous sentence and adds something to it. It sometimes (but not always) performs a different function in the middle of a sentence. Neither way is more formal than the other. (Did I answer the question?)

I thought it was more formal to use also in the middle of the sentence than in the beginning simply because my professor considered it a mistake that I have committed last semester.

2.What do you think of this one?

The Playboy of the Western World, by John Willington Synge, is a dramatic, classical masterpiece. One of its outstanding characteristics is its unity of structure. Digression or superfluities are non-existent in this play. There is only a single plot that develops without deviating from the major theme. The theme of this play is the change of a man’s character from a weak person to a hero through committing patricide. There is no extra information that mars the unity of the action in the play. In addition to the unity of action, we have the unity of time and place. Although we have the feeling that a long time has passed, the action of the play covers only just twenty- four hours. As far as the unity of action is concerned, the entire action takes place in a shebeen located near the seashore of Mayo.

3.Isn't it plotlines that contribute to plot? Shouldn't it be his relationship with his lover that changes his character?

Yes, I guess, but I am talking now about the structure of the play only. I wanted to emphasize how those erotic scenes are substantial to the plot and not how important their relationship was.

4.What if I add this to the last sentence in the introduction, would it be better although it may not exactly conform to the organization of the essay? The Playboy of the Western World contains several classical elements, such as the unity of time, place, and action, the introduction of the hero, the unraveling of the plot, the reversal of situation, climax, propriety, and comic reversals. (There are some paragraphs that cannot be considered as classical elements .In fact; I suggested that the writer did not follow the classical way in those things, such as diction.)

5.Do you like the font color and size ?Should I change them?

6.I do really appreciate your comments ,teacher .

Loads of love,