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    Exclamation For example

    i am not sure how to use the word "for example"

    For example, the after-sale service. (is this sentence correct?)

    how about this?

    For example, she helps her mum buy things.

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    Re: For example

    you can also use "for instance". I think it sounds much better with it.

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    Re: For example

    It doesn't make much sense without something before it. The second is fine, but the first isn't a complete sentence.

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    Re: For example

    The term 'for example' follows on from something already stated, when you want to give additional information or illustrate something. An example would be: We offer many courses in English language, for example, linguistics, english communication and english literature. When you say 'for example' you are basically just being more specific or stating specific instances of something you have already mentioned in a general way.


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