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    a sponge for learning

    1. Does "sponge for learning" denote some area absorbing knowledge due to "white matter" as an information channel?
    2. Does "lack of impulse control" come from losing "grey matter" in adoloscence? If you have some knowledge about this area, please let me know.

    l3)As grey matter is lost, the brain gains white matter. White matter connects varous grey matter areas of the brain to each other. It also carries nerve impulses between neurons. Scientists say that at this stage of life, the brain acts as a sponge for learning. But they said, the lack of impulse control may lead to teens' reckless behavior such as drinking and smoking...

    ..Grey matter is a major components of the central nervous system. Grey matter contains neural cell bodies, in contrast to white matter. The reduction of grey matter removes unused connections that were overproduced in the childhood growth spurt...

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    Re: a sponge for learning

    Wrong forum dude. You want something like

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