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    Re: Spread out into it

    Quote Originally Posted by Bushwhacker View Post
    Sorry, those advices are for the living, in order to communicate with dead. Always according to the movie, of course. Thanks for your concern.
    Did you read post #4 and #3?
    Anyhow, there no way of knowing what it really means without knowing the metaphysical principles behind the advice.

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    Re: Spread out into it

    In some curious advices to talk to deads from a movie, I read: I was watching a movie in which someone was being given advice on how to talk to the dead, and I heard:

    "You are aware of your Self in a way you never have been before. Spread out into it."

    What's the meaning of "Spread out into it"? Does it mean "Get deeper into your Self"?
    It's hard to say exactly. I would guess that it means that you need to be completely aware of every single atom of your body. Spread your conscious awareness of your body throughout your entire body while you are trying to contact the dead.

    We weren't making fun of your English. We were pointing out a punctuation/word order error and, at the same time, poking slight fun at the idea of getting advice on talking to the dead! See my comments above in red.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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