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    advice on meaning of phrase

    please can you advise us of the following 2 meanings.

    "Ingersoll gems exotic"
    "Ingersoll exotic gems"

    The reason I am asking is I work for a watch retailer and we are proposing a new brand of watches which have gem stones on the dial of the watch.
    The gem stones are semi-precious stones but they would not be considered exotic, therefore I am unsure as to whether I can call them "Ingersoll exotic gems" as I think this might imply that the gems are exotic.
    But, my feeling is by calling the brand "Ingersoll gems exotic" the word exotic refers to the brand and not the gems.

    I hope you can help me with this small matter?

    Many thanks

    Catherine Lomas

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    Re: advice on meaning of phrase

    I'm not sure what you mean but ...
    (I'm assuming 'Ingersoll' is a brand name)

    "Ingersoll gems exotic" isn't a possible sentence.
    "Ingersoll exotic gems" is ok, but yes 'exotic' clearly modifies 'gems' and says they are exotic.

    What do you want to say? That Ingersoll is exotic but not the gems themselves?

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    Re: advice on meaning of phrase

    that's right. the adjective always has to precede the noun in English if it is attributive. 'Gems exotic' is not English

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    Re: advice on meaning of phrase

    thank you for your advice.

    We will be using "ingersoll gems exotic" as the brand name for our new watch range.

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