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    Please help review my report any advice? thanks

    1. a. Describe one hypothetical case of food poisoning, detailing all of the steps that have occurred in the process

    b. Provide a step by step description of how this case could have been prevented at various stages.

    c. nclude the name of the infection, type of food poisoning, etc.
    List also other typical sources of infection (other than the one described in your case), and the preventative measures that can be taken for each.

    13 kids rushed to hospital for food poisoning

    on the 9th of august 2012,13 kids from grange elementary school were taken to the St Boniface hospital in Winnipeg for food poisoning 24hrs after consuming meat pies at a class mates birthday party, a total of 25 people were infected 13 kids and 12 adults with 4 of the children in critical condition including the boy who was celebrating his birthday also known as little Johnny. Those who were infected showed signs of Salmonella, a pathogen found in foods like fish, poultry ,eggs, other protein foods and Staphylococcus also a pathogen called staphylococcus aureus whose source are humans and are found in foods like meats, poultry milk etc. , abdominal pain, nausea, headache, vomiting, fever, and Diarrhea. This was the second serious case of food poisoning outbreak in the city that week and as such raised concerns for the city health officials.
    A week before the unfortunate incident took place, little Johnny’s mother ordered the meat pies from a small catering company in the downtown area of Winnipeg, the main ingredients used in the preparation of the meat pies were ground beef, popcorn chicken, potatoes, carrots, and a pizza style dough, what went wrong in the preparation or distribution of the meat pies that caused so much distress for the families infected, the small catering company and the farms who supplied meats? After a week long investigation, the city’s health officials found out that the poultry farm responsible for supplying the catering company with the popcorn chicken had on that day supplied their customers with a truck that had no refrigeration facilities, this caused the chicken to thaw along the way and unfortunately the head chef of the catering company was not available that day to receive the delivery so he put his cashier in charge but failed to give her a check list of how the delivery should be when it arrives because of her lack of education or experience on easily perishable foods and deliveries. After receiving the order she took the boxes of popcorn chicken and put some boxes on the top rack in the fridge and some on the bottom rack while it was still dripping from thawing in the truck, while the grounded meat which had been delivered earlier was on the middle rack and was soaking from the dripping of the popcorn chicken. The next morning it was time to cook as the meat pies had to be delivered at 1pm that day, On arriving the chef sees what has happened and the possibility of cross contamination still decides to use meats for his meat pies, he cooks the meats like he always did with nothing looking unusual, at 8:45am the meat pies get delivered to little Johnny’s mother but in a hurry to leave for work she forgets the meat pies on the kitchen counter. When it was time for the birthday she reheats the meat pies in a microwave and serves it to the guests ,looking tasty and normal everyone grabs a bite without knowing what was about to befall them, although none of those infected died it just shows how businesses and lives of people can be greatly affected because of failing to correct simple and effective procedures in food preparation. A lot of thing could have been done to prevent such a disaster showing that knowing the rules is not sufficient enough but also implementing them, the chef should have made sure if he wasn’t receiving the deliveries then he should have made necessary arrangements for someone with proper knowledge of food safety practices to receive them, also it is very easy for poultry foods to be responsible for cross contamination as such poultry foods should be placed on the bottom racks of the fridge because it is considered a high risk food. After seeing the placement of the poultry the chef should have found an alternative way of getting poultry and requested a refund from the poultry farm for supplying him the poultry without proper storage facilities. The catering company should also be responsible for advising their customers on proper storage of their products, with vital information like that little Johnny’s mother would have made sure they were properly stored thus reducing the capabilities of the bacteria.

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    Re: Please help review my report any advice? thanks

    Sorry, we don't help with homework here. You teacher will correct your report.

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