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    Graצצer question

    hi , i am new here.
    my goal is to improve my english .
    i want to know , i want to tell that i started to learn english and i still learn but not at this moment.
    i need to tell :
    i have started to learn
    i have been starting to learn ?

    or somthing else ?

    thanx you all.
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    Re: Graצצer question

    Welcome to the forum.

    What is your thread title supposed to mean? You should post meaningful titles so that others can use the search function efficiently.

    You can begin to improve your English by starting every sentence with a capital letter, capitalizing "English" and other proper nouns, capitalizing the word "I," and not leaving a space between the end of a word and a punctuation mark.

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    Re: Graצצer question

    According to my little English knowledge, first one is correct.
    Because ''to start'' action just happens and doesn't take much time to happen.
    You can say, for instance: ''I have started to learn English. I have been studying/learning English for 2 years.''
    Be careful! If you give a specific time expression such as, ''1 year ago, yesterday, last month'' you must say ''I started to learn English 1 year ago/yesterday/last month.''
    I hope this helps.
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