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    Chinese were this competitive over

    To make the charity self-sustaining, it started raising chickens and selling them in Zambia, but then the Chinese came in with cheaper chickens, so now it's trying to market high-end organic chickens to Zambians. This scared me a little, since if the Chinese were this competitive over the Zambian chicken market, it was going to be really hard for beneficiaries of the Joel Stein Joel Stein Foundation to beat them out for spots in the Ivy League.
    (Sweet Charity
    By Joel Stein Monday, Dec. 03, 2012)

    Help me to understand the phrase Chinese were this competitive over the Zambian chicken market
    Though I understand the meaning of it, its grammar is unclear to me.
    Specifically - what function do the words this and over carry ? What do they mean?

    Thank you

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    Re: Chinese were this competitive over

    In this case "this" is an adverb meaning "to the extent indicated by some action". The word "over" is a preposition meaning about, with regard to, etc.

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