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    the structure of my writting

    Hi, i encounter a problem in writing which is mintaining correct grammatical structure in the whole essay. Sometimes, i do shift from one tense to another for no reason than following my instinct. It mighht be the effect of my first language. Please help me instantaly because my carrer is in danger.

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    Re: the structure of my writting

    I'm sorry, there's nothing you can do, no magic cure.

    You just have to get better at it, that's it.

    Just try harder, pay attention to what you're doing.

    Try imagining you're telling someone what you're writing about at a particular time - say the present or past. Keep that time firmly in mind and away you go.


    I believe there is a certain type of flower in the Peruvian Moutains which is said to cure "tense inconsistency".

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    Re: the structure of my writting

    I'm afraid there is no 'instant' or quick fix. You just have to carefully proofread it afterwards and make sure all the tenses are consistent. Think of the time in which the incident occured and use the corresponding tense. This is a simple view but it just takes practice!


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