May i ask you guys to correct my Letter

Dear Dr. xx:

I am sending my CV attached to this letter, in order to apply for the PhD position in xx, with the xxInstitute.

As you can see from my CV, all of my academic and professional experiences are related to the study of Software and Programming. During my undergraduate studies in Software Engineering, I took several courses related to Database, software programming, and in my Masterís degree I also had a project in implementing finite element analysis by Database and its optimization techniques, Moreover, I worked as a teacher assistant in xx University which is one of the most famous university in xx.
I've gotten my master degree from Interdisciplinary School of Scientific Computing (ISSC) in India which gave me a very wide and good view to how to apply computer science in other fields.
After my Post graduation I had a chance to analyze and develop a Schedule & Train Tour Tickets Booking program for xx Railway Co that all clients in each province connect to this program and buy ticket. I should mention that this program is still working in xx Railway Co, and all people reserve and buy ticket via this application.

My main academic goal in pursuing a PhD degree is to gain the abilities needed to allow me to become an international-level researcher with highly specialized knowledge and expertise in my field. I would like to study, for example, advanced topics in database.

There are several reasons because I would like to carry out my PhD at xx Institute, but the most important are related to the fact that many students are supported by studentships and the very low ratio of graduate students to professors (40:20) in Institute, what means that advisors and students carry out their research activities very close each other, what I think it is a great opportunity for students to learn from professorsí and other studentsí experience and knowledge.

I am very confident that you will agree with me about my potential to become a member of xx. I look forward to hearing from you about my application, or if you require any additional information.