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    at gladiator camp - article

    Complete the text with the verbs in the correct form, present perfect or past simple.

    So, here I am - at gladiator camp! We (1).......(meet) the other participants - all men. And we (2)...... (pick up) our tunics and swords. ........

    This is a part of an exercise in our textbook. It is not a homework. We did it at school and I just have a few questions about it.

    1) Why is there no article before gladiator camp? It is a countable noun. If there shouldn't be any, what would be the explanation.

    2) According to our teacher both 1 and 2 should in present perfect. However, I think that the second example could be in a past simple. Am I right or wrong?

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    Re: at gladiator camp - article

    (Not a Teacher)

    1) It sounds fine to me. I don't think I could quote a rule to you, I'm afraid. We do use that construction a fair bit:
    "Timmy is at summer camp for the next two months."
    "John has been at boot camp for nearly three months."
    "Sarah is at school right now."
    "Larry is at home watching TV."
    N.B. -- You could use "the" and it wouldn't sound too off, though.

    2) I'd use present perfect as well.
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