VIDEO: (USS South Dakota) - YouTube
Hi, every body:

I'm a non-English speaker. I use the video above to train my ears. However, no matter how hard I have tried, there are still a few lines I cannot catch them.

By clicking the URL, you will enter the youtube page. Underneath the video, you can see these time stamps I put in the description field.
Use 'show more' to see them all.

And use the 'page refresh' button from the web browsers(on both IE and Chrome) after your first viewing, you could make the time stamps become interactive again.

Hopefully someone here would assist me with these questions. Thank you very much in advance.

1. (3:22)
2. (3:44)
3. (7:48)
4. (12:47)
5. (13:12)
6. (14:00)
7. (16:21)

1. (3:25) and she lay expectantly in (?)the s___

2. (3:47) slipped into the Delaware River (?)at its great ___ ceremony.

3. (7:51) 4 enemy ships just cleared up the left ___ of Savo

4. (12:51) While we were ___ at general quarters,

5. (13:15) __ ___ ___ when we __ the job of the repair party.

6. (14:03) And it went on the port side, went underneath the captain's ___

7. (16:24) Over the next month, the SoDak and her cohorts(?)