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Thread: kryptonite!!!

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    Exclamation kryptonite!!!

    Hello everybody,
    Would you please tell me the meaning of this word?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. matilda

    Talking Re: kryptonite!!!

    Hi there
    according to webster:
    hidden, a colorless relatively inert gaseous element found in air at about one part per million and used esp. in electric lamps

    hope it helps


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    Re: kryptonite!!!

    Matilda, the definition you quote refers to Krypton, a chemical element, an inert gas with a symbol Kr.

    Kryptonite, however, belongs to a more unrealistic sphere; it's a fragment of the mythological planet Krypton; the authors of 'The Superman' placed their hero's home on it.

    Kryptonite is also used as a brand name of some companies and their products.


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    Re: kryptonite!!!

    In addition to what Tomasz said, kryptonite, because it was poisonous to Superman, can be used for something that is poisonous or destructive.


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