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    to patrol and to scour

    A) What's the difference between these two verbs, to scour and to patrol, if there is one?

    B) Do they mean the same in this kind of phrase?
    - The police scoured/patrolled the country for the fugitive.
    - The police scoured/patrolled all the streets for the robbers.

    Thank you teachers.

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    Re: to patrol and to scour

    scour - definition of scour by Macmillan Dictionary

    patrol - definition of patrol by Macmillan Dictionary

    As far as the difference in meaning is concerned, I guess what I just did, you could have done by yourself (you're no newbie here, after all).

    You know you can come back to ask if there's anything in the definitions you do not understand, though.

    Please be aware that I'm neither a native English speaker nor a teacher.

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