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  1. matilda

    Talking 45-put s.b to shame

    Dear all


    what does this term mean?

    Put some one to shame

    Thanks a million]


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    Re: 45-put s.b to shame

    Hello Matilda

    If you do or say something that makes someone else feel ashamed of himself, you put that person to shame.

    Let's imagine I've been shopping. I've spent 200 on some new shoes and 400 on an assortment of new ties. Later, you call me at home and tell me you've just given 1000 to charity. I look at my new shoes and new ties and suddenly all my innocent pleasure disappears, and instead I feel ashamed about spending so much money on myself, while you're giving all yours to charity. "Matilda, you put me to shame," I say.


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