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    "... there are so many family, ..."

    We live in a world where there is great and even overwhelming need. Both close to home and in far off lands people really need our help. Think of all of the people who suffer from the impact of war, hunger, poverty, disease, discrimination, disasters, and so forth. We are bombarded, not only in the press, but with requests from nonprofit, social service agencies, churches, and friends to give generously to those in need. Plus, you know that there are so many family, friends, neighbors, and others who could use your help too.
    Balancing Compassion for Self and Others | Psychology Today
    To be honest with you, I have no idea why many has been followed by family not families. If I were the writer here, I would choose the plural form. Will you please shed some light on it?

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    Re: "... there are so many family, ..."

    The idea is not of "families" but "family members." There are people who need your help. These include friends, neighbors and members of your family.

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