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    Post First draft of Descriptive Paragraph

    Before the yeartwo thousand, people washing clothes in the rural area in El Salvador in in avery peculiar form. which they did with their hands, they went to the river inlooking for a large stone with smooth and a little unevenness and the soap theyused was natural soap is made from an olive tree seed and skin pork, alsocarried the clothes in large containers where they clothes soaked first andthen they placed on the stone and get started to rub the clothes. To dry theclothes placed a ribbon tied between two poles of the ordinary wood or tendedin the wire fence and there are dried in the sun and air. at that time peopledid not have economic facilities that they already have now, but still nolaundries in villages but people most of them have a washing machine at home,and do the hard work cornflower before going to the river loading clothes andthen return to her home wet to put it to dry in the sun.

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    Re: First draft of Descriptive Paragraph

    I will help you, but first I ask that you clean up the paragraph. Start each sentence with a capital letter. End each sentence with a period (full stop). Put a pace between two words. You can do better than this.

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