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    Smile Alphabetizing Words

    Good Morning.
    Does anyone have any statistics on the quantity of words with a particular combination of beginning letters? Please,I will explain. In order to better my vocabulary, I have have been compiling my own dictionary filled with words I do not know. I am up to 1,500 words and I have been alphabetizing them as I go. I find the words I do not know come in at random and it is hard to alphabetize them once they are written down. I have evaluated the letter "S" section in the Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary and have found the "sa" combination to have 25.5 columns of words. The "sb" combination of letters has no words. So I have broken down the "sa" combination further to "saa" sab", "sac" etc. By evaluating the amount of words that each beginning letter combination has I am able to allocate pages in my personal dictionary and have a relativly well alphabetized dictionary.
    So back to my question. Can you break down your dictionary or the English language to the amount of words that begin with a particular letter combination?
    Thank YOU,

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    Re: Alphabetizing Words

    In, you could do it by searching for Sa*, or Saa&, etc, which would give you the lists and the stats.

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