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    About CELTA

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a newbie here. I've been teaching English for a couple of years in my country Iran. Actually I've got a BA in English and I've passed the course TTC in my country. I can continue working here, but I'm ambitious and want to get promotion! So it's been about some months I've been considering taking a course that enables me to teach in other countries as well. When I asked for some advice from friends and googled it myself, I found out that CELTA is apparently more widely accepted than the other ones like TESOL.
    Now this is my question. What material am I supposed to cover while studying CELTA? I'm familiar with the basics of teaching, I know about grammar and I have class teaching experience. I think my level of English is acceptable.
    Do I have to study things about psychology, teaching methodology, etc?
    Do I have to study a lot of theories? Because I believe the practical side of teaching (English) is much more important.
    I'm asking this to make sure what things I need to prepare and work on before applying.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: About CELTA

    This will give you a rough idea of what is involved.

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    Re: About CELTA

    I am the same here in Egypt. I am looking for CELTA however it is expensive and it needs at least 1 month free. I would recommend you bring some videos and material to start with while you keep practising teaching. And then you must start attending those sessions as they are very useful. I was lucky as i found a training company in my area that is offering a free trial of 6 days TEFL training which is similar to CELTA. But I agree with you that you need to study some teaching methodologies ...

    Good luck!

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