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    Your words from heart on BIrthday to Wish

    Imagine, it's the birthday of your most favorite person/your beloved or your ideal/mentor. Now share what words/wishes/quotes you dedicate to them?

    Like I have found some quotes: like-

    You made my life a heaven, God bless you.
    You are always a genius to me.
    Its best day for me to express.
    Keep smiling and be more successful.
    You are the best.

    Share the words only you feel for them. I am sure we get lots of great lines here in response.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Your words from heart on BIrthday to Wish

    Happy Birthday

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    Re: Your words from heart on BIrthday to Wish

    "Happy birthday" just doesn't cut it for this guy, I think....
    He's obviously a romantic and wants to express his feelings to the end.
    "Happy birthday" is so cool-European ( and I mean it in the original way, temperature-related )
    In Russia, when someone congratulates you on your birthday....prepare for a speech, because it can take a while for them to finish.
    Even early in the morning, just after you had your first cup of coffee. The phone rings....brace yourself for an oration, a flood of wishes for your health, wealth and those of the people you hold dear. That's the right way to do it in my book.
    ( for now I'm not ready to get into a more elaborate discussion about the exact words and / or expressions used to congratulate someone )

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