This is my assignment for Language Art (LA). It is important as it contributes 15% to my final grades of the module. can anyone please check before I submit? Comments are welcome :)
Your task:
Write a 500-700 word essay about a first encounter, for example, your first date, your first encounter with danger, your first taste of freedom, etc. You should employ two or three narrative techniques discussed in class in the writing of your essay. Give your essay a title, and remember to indicate the length of your essay.
I was anxious. It was my interview today. My father was waiting outside in the café. The next turn was mine. Today was a very important day as I had a chance to get a scholarship to study oversea. As I came into the room, I definitely felt more nervous. What if they turn me down, I thought. “Relax, just relax and breathe. Fear no evil! Things are going to be fine,” I said to myself.
There were three foreign people sitting in the room. They all looked grave. The room was small, but luxurious.
“Have a seat, please!” one of them smiled. I gave a nervous giggle. My limbs went numb.
At first, they enquired about my personal particulars. I responded not very fluently since it was the first time I talked to foreign people.
“What do you know about our country and why do you choose to study there?” the lady sitting in the center asked, kept smiling at me. Yet I started to get jittery.
The previous days before the interview, I made a list of questions, which I thought the interviewers might ask, and learnt by heart the answers. Now I tried to recall the draft. However, facing the interviewers, I almost forgot everything I had drafted. I stammered badly. My voice quavered when I spoke.
“Come on, we are waiting for you”, the lady said softly. Her face grew graver. Waves of fear overtook me as she slightly knitted her brows. I could hear my heart beating faster as second went by. I had to say something.
I took a deep breath. That was the best way to take back self-confidence. Ignoring the draft, I said whatever came to my mind.
The next questions aimed to test my English, since English was their country’s language of education. Once I felt more confident, I was able to cope quite well. However, one or two times I was tongue-tied for long moments without being able to give the answers for some unprepared questions.
“Studying overseas is perfectly not easy. You will have to do everything yourself. Furthermore, if you can’t adapt quickly with the new system, I’m sure that you’ll be struggling”, the man said. He looked the most austere of the three. “So,” he stressed, “do you still wish to study in our country?” I hesitated for a few seconds. “Yes, sir, I do wish!” I spoke firmly, feeling relieved that I had finally finished my job.
After the interview, they told me to go back and wait for the result. They would call that night to inform me about the outcome. So excited was I that night that I was not able to concentrate on anything. I just sat by the telephone, a bundle of nerves.
At 8 o’clock,
“Reeeeng!” the phone rang. I startled, and then took the phone with my fingers trembling. My heart was thumping fiercely. A sweet voice was talking. “Hello, I’d like to inform you that you’ve been chosen. There is a meeting for successful interviewees at the Central Tower. Please be there before 9 o’clock in the morning”. I could not believe my ears. “Are you sure that was … me?” I asked suspiciously. “Sure, if you are Huy.” She confirmed.
I just wanted to scream. The first people to whom I announced were my parents. We had a great night sharing joy together. It was the happiest moment I ever had.
Going to study overseas was a turning point in my life. Not only did it give me a chance to enjoy one of the world’s best educations, but also to a better future.
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