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Thread: give up that

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    give up that


    1. I gave that up. (It is OK)
    2. I gave up that.

    3. I figure that out. (It is OK)
    4. I figure out that.

    Can you please check out whether sentences 3 and 4 are OK or not? Can we put 'that' after a pharasal verb or must we put it in the middle of a pharasal verb?


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    Re: give up that

    - as the 'that' is a pronoun. If the 'that' was a demonstrative adjective, 2 would be OK. For example 'I gave up that nasty habit.' If the 'that' was a subordinating conjunction, 4 would be OK. For example 'I figure out that the wall is 2 metres high.' (I sympathize: working out what you can do with 'that' ain't easy!

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