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    how to frighten away a dog /cat?


    I just wander how do native speakers frighten away a dog and a cat? Is there a special word/sound? What about other animals? A horse for example.
    If you want him to start walking and stop walking, what do you say?

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    Re: how to frighten away a dog /cat?

    You can shoo away an animal- any animal.

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    Re: how to frighten away a dog /cat?

    thanks tdol . how about calling animals? I heard someone calling the chickens
    "here, chick, chick!" how can we call dogs and cats?

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    Re: how to frighten away a dog /cat?

    Dogs might be attracted with "Here, boy!" or "Here, girl!", horses by clicking with the tongue. Cats can be attracted by pressing the lips firmly together and forcing air through them into the mouth, making a squeaking noise. I'm told it's supposed to imitate the sound of a distressed bird, so the cat comes over to investigate.

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    Re: how to frighten away a dog /cat?

    thank you for your answer.


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