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    rolling their way

    Does "rolling their way" just mean "something is rolling"? Why is "their" used?

    28)Electric cars drastically reduced the noise of the car engines. Unfortunately, the sweet silence of 21st-century technology rather causes a serious problem: data from thousands of accidents revealed (that) pedestrians and bicyclists are less likely to hear electric cars approaching and are more likely to be hit or run over. As a solution, that has prompted ‘going-back-to-the-past’: fake car noise that will alert people. So, the manufacturers who have tried to make cars quieter, are now figuring out the best means of warning people (that) 3,000 pounds of metal is rolling their way. A beautiful melody? Some annoying song? The debate is continuing so far

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    Re: rolling their way

    "Their" refers to the people that may be hit by the car.

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