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    Post consisting in...


    Could anyone please help me to understand the concept of the words in violet?

    In the first days of the Soviet Union, politics was certainly given a leading role, but on account of the famous
    objective laws produced by Marxian economics, although historical and not natural, one witnessed a similar kind of depoliticization of economics, this consisting in no more than the application of such objective laws.


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    Re: consisting in...

    It's very poorly written, as is much poltical polemic. It tries to cram far too many abstract idea into too few words, spewing out more and more with the grace of only the odd comma. I wish people didn't write like this (which I'm afraid they still do, even though I suspect this was written quite a while ago). It may mean something like this:
    In the first days of the Soviet Union, politics was certainly given a leading role. [The 'certainly' presumably refers back to some earlier context.] However, because of the 'objective laws' famously drafted by Marxist economists, there was then movement in the other direction: whereas previously the economy had been politicized (in spite of the fact that Marxist economics is historical and not natural I have no idea what the writer means by this; he's obviously got a bee in his bonnet about SOMEthing]), now the economy was depolitiicized. This process involved more than just the application of these 'objective laws' .

    Yet another demonstration of my favourite quotation about writing:
    We write with ease to show our breeding,
    But easy writing's curst hard reading.
    (Sheridan - presumably not the playwright but his father.)

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