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    Choice of preposition: to VS toward(s) + in VS inside.

    Dear teachers,

    Could you please tell me which preposition should be used in this passage and why?

    Just occasionally, someone would feel curious enough to ask him what he was doing, and every time his answer would be the same: “Im still writing the book. It should have been finished last year, but I cant / couldn't (?) get it right”. And that was all we (had) ever learned (1) about / from him.
    Because no one (had) ever visited his house, either, I remember once running up (2) to / toward(s) the house to see what he was doing. Icrept up (3) to / toward(s) the window trembling and looked (4) in / inside expecting to see our writer typing furiously at his desk.

    There are three scientists working (5) for / on the project.

    All the best,

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    Re: Choice of preposition: to VS toward(s) + in VS inside.

    "but I can't get it right" because he is still writing the book.
    "but I couldn't get it right" sounds like he quit writing the book.

    (1) from him because he gave you the information.
    about him sounds like someone else gave you the information. However, if you used "about" in this case, it would not sound bad but I think that "from" is better.

    (2) to the house is my choice. "Toward" can mean "in the general direction where "to" means arriving at the house. However, once again, "toward" would not sound bad in this case.

    (3) same as above

    (4) in / insideThey both sound good to me.

    (5) on

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