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    being the shortest dimension

    1) the linear extent or measurement of something from side to side, usually being the shortest dimension or (for something fixed) the shortest horizontal dimension
    Collins English Dictionary

    1) Am I right that being is a participle here ?
    That is: " .... from side to side, that usually is the shortest dimension ...."

    2) And is correct my self-made changed sentence where all the three beings are supposed to be a gerunds ?:
    Being the shortest dimension (of something) or (for something fixed) being the shortest horizontal dimension (of something) is being the width (of something).
    The dark blue text is the subject of the sentence.
    (though I understand that this sentence is awkward, but is it grammatically correct?)

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    I would call it a particle since it can be omitted without altering the meaning.

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    Re: being the shortest dimension

    In the original sentence, "being" is a participle introducing a participial adjectival phrase.

    In your restatement, all three are gerund nouns. And I agree, the sentence is very awkward.

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