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    Using the word "wrong"

    Hi for all,

    As I understand the definition of the words "wrong" as an adjective or adverb. However, I have little doubt about the idiom "go wrong". Here are examples:

    1- My application for a job has gone wrong since my first interview. "That means my application has experienced problems and difficulties since the first interview and still has not accepted yet"
    2- All my effort went wrong to help him out in order to let him quit smoke. "That means I am trying to convince him to quit smoking, but he would not although I do my best"

    Briefly, does this term "go wrong" means to keep facing unsuccessful results throughout an event?

    Thanks in preceding,

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    Re: Using the word "wrong"

    "To go wrong" simply means to experience or develop a fault or a problem.

    My TV went wrong yesterday. I'll have to get it fixed.
    My TV keeps going wrong. It's very annoying.
    Everything has gone wrong since I moved here.
    I'm fed up with things going wrong in my life.
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