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    'To take Sb's job from them'?


    Can we also say, 'they stripped him his job', because he'd done something nobody expected? I think 'strip somebody of something' is about important things such as a tilte or a medal, but can it be used for a job too?

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    Re: 'To take Sb's job from them'?

    No. (It would be 'of his job' anyway, but that's academic.)


    PS At the end of a list, it would be understandable: 'He was stripped of his title, his status, even his job.' I wouldn't like it, but it would make sense. As you imply (in 'important things...') putting 'his job' at the end of the list is bathetic - as in 'In the fire, he lost his family, his house, and his nail-clippers'

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