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    --Nice meeting you. --Me/You too.

    Are both responses fine when saying good-bye to each other who met for the first time?

    --Nice meeting you.
    --Me too.

    --Nice meeting you.
    --You too. (=Nice meeting you too.)

    I read the following and got confused:
    Old Flames - 第 53 页 - 翻译此页
    Kim Moritsugu - 1999 - 部分预览 - 更多版本
    Nice meeting you.' 'Me, too. And thanks for the floor show.' I walked up the porch steps, and George, behind me, said, 'What was that about a floor show?' 8w Rachel I asked Tim to come in. 'I can't. I'm driving up to Muskoka tonight for the ...
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    Re: --Nice meeting you. --Me/You too.

    You will hear both. I prefer the second one.

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