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    Wink lose lost loss

    hello there,

    im confused by these word lose(verb), lost(noun) and loss(noun).. could someone explain it to me?


    Warmest Regards,


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    Re: lose lost loss

    lose (Verb), to lose something;
    e.g., I lose money every time we go to Las Vegas!
    e.g., I found a set of keys. Did you lose yours?

    lost (Past Verb and Past Participle);
    e.g., I lost my keys.
    e.g., I have lost my keys before.

    BE lost (Adjective)
    e.g., I am lost. I need a map!
    e.g., I don't understand what the teacher is saying. I'm totally lost!

    loss (Noun), a person or thing that you have lost;
    e.g., Our house burned down and we didn't have fire insurance, so we had to cover the finanical loss ourselves.
    e.g., Sam: My Mother died yesterday. Max: I'm sorry for your loss.

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