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  1. matilda

    Talking 50-of course?certainly NOT

    Dear all


    Which one is correct? And if both are correct, is there any difference in their usage?

    1. of course NOT
    2. Certainly NOT

    Thanks a million


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    Thumbs up Re: 50-of course?certainly NOT

    i think both are the same if im not mistaken

    Warmest Regards,


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    Re: 50-of course?certainly NOT

    1. means: "It's obvious: the answer is no. You really don't need to ask."

    2. often means: "No, and I am offended that you even asked me."

    For example:

    "Is the moon made of cheese?"
    "No, of course not."

    "If I gave you ten dollars, would you kiss me?"
    "Certainly not!"

    Sometimes the difference is very small, and you can use either. But if you use this rule, you should never get it wrong.

    (I hope.)

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    Wink Re: 50-of course?certainly NOT

    Quote Originally Posted by kahhong
    i think both are the same if im not mistaken
    Warmest Regards,
    Yes, I agree with you,in my opinion they are the same and we can use them instead of each other.

    kind regards

  5. matilda

    Talking Re: 50-of course?certainly NOT

    dear all

    thanks a lot for your good and fast replies.
    but as you see, the majority of my questions are in this field, which one shall i use in this situation and things like that. i always have problems in the nearly similar words. can you tell me the name of a book or a link that has these information? i really need a good glossary of these .

    thanks a million



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