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    cascading effect

    I think that a 'cascading effect' means a situation in which one thing causes other problems.
    For example, a man had a cold, he had to miss school, he failed the year,
    this stressed him, his cold developed into pneumonia etc.
    To put it simply, in my understanding, a cacading effect is a terrible vicious circle.

    BTW, can 'cascading effect' be used for positive situations?
    Thank you.

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    Re: cascading effect

    I would say no, as the cascading effect is "as minor changes or damage to a magnet over time that eventually result in a complete breakdown of the magnetís lifting capabilities." So I would say it is a negative if a similar happened in a positive way it would have been good luck.

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    Re: cascading effect

    Thank you for your response.
    Could anyone give an example of a ' cascading effect'?

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