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    Please help to improve the exercise

    Hello everyone,

    I have found a grammar execise for my students which I really liked (you can see it below). Students have to decide whether the verbs underlined are in the correct tense. But as I read it up to the end I realized that I can't use it because of one strange sentence which makes this whole text a bit absurd. (I have put in bold type the sentence I doubt about.) I think there is a mistake here. Could you please help me and change the sentence (or add a couple of other senences) so as to make the awkward link beween the moment when someone knocked at the door and the one when the author felt relieved more natural? I would also appreciate any other improvements to the exercise.

    I was sitting at my computer writing e-mails. Outside the wind shut the garden shed’s door. Again and again. I wasn’t able to concentrate on my work. I was getting up and went to the window. The sounds of the storm were getting louder and the murmurs of a distant thunder were reaching me at that moment. I was thinking I was going to finish what I was doing but I went back to my writings. The rain was pouring down in large drops. I was hearing an animal howling. A dog – I thought. But it was the wind. I was seeing the trees bending down to the ground. Some leaves were rushing high up to the sky but suddenly they were giving up their struggle and returned. At that instant someone knocked at the door. I startled and felt a chill run through me. While I turned towards it I realised that it was me. My heart beat aloud. When I continued the letter I wrote I constantly smiled upon my cowardness.
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    If I were a native speaker of English, I would never shut up. :-)

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    Re: Please help to improve the exercise

    There are several problems with that passage. I don't think the original was written by a native speaker.

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    Re: Please help to improve the exercise

    I agree with 5jj.

    I would advise you not to use it with your students.

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