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    Letter of Enquiries

    Hello teacher,

    Below is an assignment of mine, could you please proofread it for any possible errors?

    Thanks so much in advance!



    8-19, Block C
    Gemilang Indah Flat
    Jalan Klang Lama, Off Jalan Rakyat
    63000 Klang, Shah Alam

    26 February 2006

    Gemilang Indah Development Sdn Bhd
    Jalan Klang Lama, Off Jalan Rakyat
    63000 Klang, Shah Alam

    Dear Sirs


    I am a resident of Gemilang Indah Flat of 12 years and have just purchased two cars (a Kenari and a Kancil) recently.

    Due to the reason that I do not have any other place to park my cars, I am considering to park them at the parking lots of Gemilang Indah Flat since it would be convenient to my family.

    However I am unfamiliar with the allocation of parking passes in this estate, therefore I would be grateful if you could let me know the following:

    1.The eligibility charges of the parking of two cars.
    2.The duration and renewal of parking passes.
    3.The security of the parking lots.

    I have been told that senior residents who have resided here for more than ten years will be given discounted rates on parking charges, is it true?

    Should there be any other relevant details, I would be very pleased to know!

    Yours faithfully

    Kenneth Lee Tze Wui

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    Re: Letter of Enquiries

    Due to the reason that- Bit wordy- why not use because/since/as
    considering to park- parking
    Gemilang Indah Flat- Flats?
    However- comma
    estate, therefore- estate; therefore,
    The eligibility charges of the parking- the charges for parking two cars
    charges, is it true- charges; is this true
    know!- don't use exclamation marks in letters

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