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    sentence correction

    what's wrong with the following senteces?
    1. ...because her picture which contains geometrical forms like square, triangle, is very complicated.
    2.She caught attention the little boy, who is in the middle of the picture and looks like a prince. On the other hand, he exaggerated the painter, who looks like very high nearly three metres.

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    Re: sentence correction

    1- There should probably be a comma after 'picture'. Triangle & Square should be plural, or have an article.
    2- Is it a photo? If so, you could so she 'caught the little boy's attention'
    Who is 'he' in the second sentence- should it be 'she'. People are tall not high, and you should get rid of the 'like'.

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    Re: sentence correction

    Thank you very much tdol. By the way, I can assure you that these are not my sentences.

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