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Thread: NY, CA, IL etc.

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    NY, CA, IL etc.

    New York is often called NY, California CA and Illinois IL.
    How do you call NY, CA and IL?
    'Shortened forms'? 'Contracted forms'? Or is there any other?
    Thank you.

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    Re: NY, CA, IL etc.

    The United States Postal Service calls them "State abbreviations".

    People disagree about what words like "contraction" and "acronym" mean, but I usually follow this scheme:

    An initialism is an abbreviation made up of the initial letters of the words they stand for; e.g. BBC for British Broadcasting Corporation -- NY for New York is another example.

    An acronym is an initialism which is pronounced as a single word; e.g. NATO for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

    A contraction is a word or words made shorter by leaving out some letters; e.g. flu is a contraction of influenza; CA is a contraction of California.

    So in fact, some state abbreviations are initialisms, others are contractions.


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