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    I am just not getting it!

    Q1 - By the time we ____, everyone had left.
    had arrived Why can't you use both here?

    Q2 - I _____ a long time ago.
    had finshed
    Either could be used here. Why can you use both here?

    Q3 - By that time, everybody ____ exhausted.
    had been
    Either could be used here. This one I kind of get.

    Q4 - She told me she ____ it ages ago.
    had done
    Either could be used here. Please someone clarify this one as well

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    Re: I am just not getting it!

    I would say:

    1 The people clearly left first- before your arrival.
    2 There's nothing in the context to restrict the meaning to one.
    3 There classic rules of indirect speech would recommend backshifting to the past perfect, but in everyday usage, we often don't bother.


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