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    this a step

    The smartphone-like glasses are just like smartphones 10 years ago,” Weintraub said. “A few people started getting emails on their phones, and people thought that was crazy. Same kind of thing. We see people bending their heads to look at their smartphones, and it’s unnatural,” he said. “There’s gonna be improvements to that, and this a step there.

    1. Why does the writer say "bending heads to look at their smartphones is not unnatural"? Shouldn't a man bend his head if he wants to look at his phone?

    2. Is "this a step there" a complete sentence? What does it mean?

    Thanks for your help!


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    Re: this a step

    It is generally unnatural for people to bend their heads while walking or standing. The smartphone glasses are a step in the direction of getting rid of this unnatural behaviour.

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