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  1. Nowadays, sending children to boarding school is becoming increasingly popular. What is the reason? Do you think it is a positive development?

The rise of boarding school is attracting peopleís eyes. Boarding school offers unified accommodations, meals and other supports to children which can effectively reduce family pressure for working parents. This essay provides different views on boarding school to people who are skeptical.

In the rapid working environment with high competition and high attrition rate, working parents are hardly to balance work and family pressures. In china, long working hour, heavy workload and low income result both parents have to work constantly. Boarding school provides a good opportunity for parents reducing family pressure.

Boarding school provides good soft skill learning opportunities to children. With the rapid development of modern technology, computers and mobile applications, most children are lack of soft skills such as communication, teamwork and concern. Therefore, learning soft skills is essential and can bring children more competitive advantages. In the school, children stay with colleagues all the time, they can work out how to maintain friendship with people, why group force is stronger than singular naturally.

The most concern about boarding school is whether it has efficient management. For instance, prevent children from violent and sexual materials while doing research work on internet; provide comprehensive and immediate hospital service to every child. The way to guide and look after children is the hardest issue for every school. Investigation and research jobs are necessary when choosing a qualified boarding school.

This essay holds a positive opinion on boarding school though concerning about management system. For working parents who do not have enough energy, sending children to a reputable boarding school is highly recommended.

  1. Punishing and rewarding are two completely opposite ways in children educating. Which one is more effective and reasonable? Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Being a parent means confronting behavioral challenges from your children every day, to correct the childís misbehavior is their responsibility. Rewarding or punishing has become a critical issue. This essay summarized the two opposite ways and provides a proper suggestion for consideration.

Rewarding good behavior in order to get more good behavior is the way to create a kind of kid. Ideally, rewarding could be the best way to encourage children's voluntary compliance with moral standards. And reward the good behavior so parents never have to deal with the bad. However, we donít live in an ideal world with ideal kids reacting to ideal situations. Bottom line, every kid misbehaves and that behavior must be dealt with immediately. Even if it isnít convenient, bad behavior canít be ignored and the correction canít be put off. Getting the childís attention, communicate and implement the appropriate consequences make their lives better and improves society overall.

Punishment is based on fear of a negative consequence. Generally, the more a child knows parents want him to do something, the less likely he is to do it. If parents discipline a child 10 times a day, the majority of the consequences should be positive, however, his intrinsic mind does not change. If bad behavior doesnít change, then your form of punishment isnít working. Thus, communication rather than punishment is more important to children.

Both rewarding and punishing can be summarized as fostering moral intelligence in children. A combination is more efficient than a singular way, reward good behavior in order to have it repeated, appropriate punishment when faced with bad behavior. All of it is based on clearly communicating in advance what you expect and what the consequences are going to be.

  1. Traffic Jam is serious problem of big cities. Government decides to build wider roads in order to solve the problem. Do you agree or disagree? Give the reasons

Government implements building and widening new roads as the best and most basic solution to traffic congestion. It raises a question of why wider roads can solve traffic problem. The truth is it does nothing to reduce traffic. It not only does not solve the problem in the short-run, but also increases traffic in the long-run. Additionally, it wastes money.

In the short-run, adding new roads can potentially worsen traffic jam and congestion, the tendency for people to drive more when there is an increase in traffic capacity. In other words, when the traffic capacity is widened, this will lead more population to drive, and by the time the road network reaches its new equilibrium, the total travel time has had been increased.

In the long-run, increased traffic capacity makes longer commutes less burdensome, and as a result, people are willing to live farther and farther from their workplace. As increasing numbers of people make similar decisions, the long-distance commute grows as crowded as the inner city, commuters clamor for additional lanes, and the cycle repeats itself.

Furthermore, inefficient public transport is the major force that drives people travel by private cars. Reallocate fund into public transport system is the best and simplest way to resolve traffic jam. For example, fund can be used to design a great bus system, which will move much faster than cars. In this case, people will take the faster way to travel.

In short, Traffic jam is ascribed to private cars, building wider roads does not resolve this issue, spend money into public transport system might be an alternative way to improve commuting time.