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    meaning of complete lapse of sanity

    I am reading a novel entitled 'Spying on Gran' by Jennifer L. Armstrong. could you please explain to me the meaning of the red line below

    No one has the right to complain about his life.
    Thatwas the opinion of Boneh P. Cheeseman. Noonehas the right to complain because they didnít havehis life.Forone thing, they didnít have his name. It was a matter ofroutine at schoolto be called Cheddarman, Swissman, and by themoresophisticated, Brieman. The Boneh didnít help either. Itwas a fine namefor hisgrandfather who it had originatedwith,but not for a fifteen-year-old living in thetwenty-first century. It was Hebrew for beaver.
    Hisgreatgrandfather had been somekindof an English theologian who studied the Old Testament inHebrew.When he had come to Canada, he hadnamed his sonforthe great Canadian symbol.
    Using the P. wouldnít help. In a complete lapseof sanity, hismother had given himthe middle name of Percival.

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    Re: meaning of complete lapse of sanity

    He thinks his mother was "crazy" when she chose his middle name.

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